UPDATED Top Free Infographics Submission Sites List 2019

From a previous couple of years, infographics made a market and reputation on the online platform, mainly on social networks just like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. Infographics are the most popular medium to make awareness of your product or service and help to make a presence on social media. 

Infographics share quick information to the targeted user so for many organizations and companies are using infographics to promote their business online. Infographics mean information in graphics which is called infographics. An attractive and eye-catchy design can generate huge and unique traffic to your website. 

Do you want to use infographics for branding your business online? See how you can promote your business online using infographics and SEO.

Reach Targeted Audience By Infographic

Infographics take more time but it is very interesting to create graphics. This is the very powerful technique in digital marketing to get traffic on website through graphic form. By use of it’s you can engaged with audience and get feedback about the product or service. It also helpful to your website and social network. 

Unique Design: Make it unique and effective so that users can be engaged with your graphic. A unique creativity can surely attract audience interaction. Make it clear, informative and amazing design so that the image grabs the attention of users then they can share or recommend your graphic to another. 

Make It Short And Readable: Remember, don’t use over information in image an multiple colors, this type of designs can distract your audience, so make it easy and simple so that the user can read and understand the message what are you showing because folks want readable and understandable design, so that they can convey immediately otherwise you will lose them.

Focus on Main Topic: Highlight your offers and main content in the graphic. Try to use designs or shapes in your message, means what you want to say it’s you can tell by images or shapes this is a very creative way. 

Use Minimum Text: Keep in mind, don’t use too much text in the image, peoples are want to see the informative image where short text and more image. create it very clean with minimum words. However, it is important to provide information to the audience but design your graphics creative, so that user can attract by design and understand the message. 

Use Sharing Button: if you want to reach to more users and show your message or product so the sharing button will help to share it. Because if your graphic is more attractive then the audience automatically shares your design on the social platform just like facebook, twitter, Instagram, emails and many more options available to share it. Keep in mind, that your sharing buttons easy to use by users, don’t make the sharing process complicated. 

Top Free Infrographics Submission Sites2019

Infographic Submission Sites PR Alexa Rank
visual.ly 7 7166
flowingdata.com 7 37624
www.visualising.org 7 4631373
mashable.com/follow/topics/infographics 6 337
www.good.is/infographics 6 5671
www.coolinfographics.com 6 58684
dailyinfographic.com 6 50563
ilovecharts.tumblr.com 6 244503
chartporn.org 6 658196
infosthetics.com 6 339735
www.infographicsshowcase.com 5 136654
www.easel.ly 5 24218
www.graphs.net 5 150321
submitinfographics.com 4 114880
www.pdviz.com 4 572101
infographiclabs.com 4 468130
www.loveinfographics.com 4 154605
infographicjournal.com 4 88595
infographiclist.com 4 427208
www.nerdgraph.com 4 134136
infographicboard.com 4 1997976
infographicsmania.com 4 305348
www.reddit.com/r/infographic 3 32
mediacaffeine.com 3 478366
www.newsilike.in 3 151302
vizualarchive.com 3 531811
theinfographics.blogspot.com 3 2054098
infographicdirectory.wordpress.com 3 14987504
www.infographicas.com 3 575020
www.infographicpost.com 3 298082
www.infographicsking.com 3 394032
www.best-infographics.com 3 457073
www.styleandflow.com 3 540171
infographixdirectory.com 3 160245
www.onlyinfographic.com 3 363963
www.cooldailyinfographics.com 3 697738
www.infographicsonly.com 3 440884
html5infographics.com 3 1359707
www.dailystatistic.com 3 245958
infographicdatabase.com 3 522084
allinfographics.org 3 260728
www.discoverinfographics.com 3 1084882
brandlessblog.com 3 1017172
www.infographicsamples.com 3 436054
www.muchmost.com 3 2955169
infographicimages.com 3 893838
www.infographicsarchive.com 2 112190
infographicsonline.com 2 236397
infographic.co.za 2 851182
www.omginfographics.com 2 278545
www.pureinfographics.com 2 586673
www.infographiclove.com 2 890212
videoinfographic.com 2 339243
www.ratemyinfographic.com 2 1143223
www.bestinfographics.co.uk 2 744170
www.bestinfographics.info 2 225534
winfographics.com 2 1319279
envisualizations.com 2 1476506
www.infographicheaven.com 2 963735
www.infographicszone.com 2 346126
newsfix.co.uk 2 650920
www.info-graphic.co.uk 2 448913
thedinfographics.com 2 917934
www.infographicsmaze.com 2 2153180
picographic.tumblr.com 2 2194217
latestinfographics.com 2 472530
www.example-infographics.com 2 1702596
www.radinfographics.com 2 1396622
infographicstyles.com 2 2974801
travel-infographic.com 1 3169235
infographic-police.blogspot.com 1 14987503
medicalinfographics.wordpress.com 1 1787251
www.infographicscentral.com 1 2419781
www.datagraphie.com 1 2065589
www.infographicsdesigns.com 1 4987952
www.infographicsubmission.com 1 793029

Why Infographics We Use-?

As I said that infographics mean information provides in the graphic where we use text and images, by which we can make our message informative and understandable so that we can reach to our target users.

  • Infographics help to grab the attention of the user and it shows your message in a great way to the audience. 
  • Infographics help to increase search engine ranking of your website when you used web element to get traffic on your website.
  • It takes more time but when will you focus on it then you can design the most effective graphics. 
  • Many folks use a smart phone to find new or trending information, so by the use of graphics we can bring them on our website or social sites. This is the best way to generate huge traffic on site.
  • Best graphics can make a positive impact on the audience mind 

In today’s era inforgraphics is the best way to generate quality backlink for the website. It can create huge backlink from another process of backlinking. Infographics generating more popularity from over another platform. see below points:

Target Marketing Tool: Infographics are the best way to promote your business online and it’s the best digital marketing tool to generate traffic by social sites. Because folks are taking more interest in graphics this is the reason for its. They don’t want to spend more time in reading so the audience is moving to the infographics, here visitors wants to get more information in less time so for it, infographics are most helpful to reach them. Most of the digital marketer and online business promoter are using infographics as a form of main marketing tool to get targeted audience for their business. 

Brand Awarness: Infographics help to spread awareness of your brand or service through informative content, you can describe your business as a form of graphic and show the information of product and service to the people. Most of the digital marketing expert says that infographics are the most powerful tool to increase the awareness of the brand and bringing the traffic on the website. 

Sharable Link: By use of infographics, many online digital marketers are getting significant outcomes. Shared these graphics you can get traffics several months on your website.

Create Unique Content

When you use something creative in graphics just like pictures, tables, graphs, and more elements, then you will gain expertise in infographics. Keep in mind which content you are using that must be useful and informative for your business and audience.

When you are designing graphics so always use research-based content, if you will share unique content everytime then the audience can give more likes and they will bookmark you. It helps to generate more traffic on your website and create quality backlink.

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