What Is XML Sitemap?

Sitemap is a collection of web pages, Means Sitemap contains all the pages (text, images, videos) of your website, if any page of your website does not rank in Google or any search engine, then it can be identified with the Sitemap.

Suppose you have hundred pages in the website, from which Ninety pages are ranking in the search engine but there are ten such pages which are not appearing in the search result.

Now what is that ten page which is not ranked in the search engine, that query can take you from sitemap, which is why the page is ranked from among hundred pages and if you do not check it one page, it will take a lot of time, but in Sitemap you will know immediately which page is ranking and who is not.

When you found the list of those ten pages from the Sitemap, you will have to re-rank those pages, so you have to re-submit those ten pages to crawl through the sitemap in the search engine. Sitemap is used to look at similar errors, by which you can rank your website properly.

Setup Sitemap For Your Website

Step 1.

     Visit Sitemap XML official website and join with gmail account.

After joining, you will come to google search console setup dashboard.  Here you will see two option to generate code. 

As you seeing below we have shown two images, Image A and Image B, in the image A we put URL with the only domain name, not included HTTP with WWW text.

For Example:                             “abc.com”
And in image B we use the prefix before the domain name. it means you have to put complete URL, includes HTTP with WWW.
 For Example:                http://www.abc.com 
This is the complete URL of website, if your site is HTTPS then you have to put with secure server URL.
I recommend that you use the complete URL with the prefix to setup account.
Then click on Continue

Image A

Image B

Step 2.

      There are many methods to setup the search console for the website, but we see a simple method to setup it. Search console already gives you a recommended method to setup code on website. But I recommend you don’t use recommended method.

Select option – Upload an HTML file to your website 

Step 3.

        After a click on upload an HTML file option, you will see HTML tag option. Click on HTML tag, when you clicked on HTML tag than will be shown an HTML code. Copy this code and paste it in the website header section. 

Step 4.

         After copy the code, you have to paste it into the website header.

Here we have shown two images, if you have WordPress website then you need to install a sitemap plugin or header and footer plugin to paste code. you don’t need to edit theme header to paste code. 

When you install these plugins then this plugins automatically create a header section for the website

If you have an HTML or PHP website then you don’t need to install any plugin simply copy the code and paste it into website header section, under the opening and closing head tag.

I recommend you don’t use more plugins on the WordPress website. when you use more plugins its effected of website speed.

Don’t use different plugins to paste code of analytics code (Analytics plugin) and sitemap code (sitemap XML plugin). Install only one plugin which name is header and footer, this plugin completely works as a website header and you can paste all code in this one plugin.

After placed code save this

Step 5.

after saved code, click on verify button. the verification process is more important because the search console checks whether you have entered the code properly.

Step 6.

        After verification, you will see that your website has been verified by the search console. Now click on go to property button.

Step 7.

         This is not a step, now you completed the search console setup process successfully and the search console dashboard is ready for your website.

Now you can see all the overview of your website just like total click, impression, coverage, mobile usability and many more options are available here.

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