What Is On-Page Optimization?

In On-Page optimization, we optimize our website according to google search engine

In On-Page optimization, you have to optimize your website according to Google’s algorithm, Google has made some rules, and you have to follow all algorithm rules to rank your website on the search engine the first page.

Before doing off-page seo of any website, you have to do on-page seo of that website, you cannot do off-page seo unless you have not done on-page seo of the website, because while doing off-page seo You need the title, keywords and description of the website. When you inserted title, keywords and description then you can see it on the website coding, these things are required to rank website, along with some files also required.

All changes in on-page optimization are done by going to the coding of the websites head section or through the plugins, and all these changes are done according to Google’s algorithm, so that the more chances of our website are increased faster on the first page come soon

Google has made some rules and according to these rules we have to make changes to the coding of the website as well as title keywords and description.


Every search engine expects a title of a web page. Title tags are displayed on SERP (search engine results page) as the clickable headline. Title tags are a great opportunity for every site owners to attract more users to their site so make sure it gives an attractive and accurate Try and use one to two keywords in the title tag, because the keywords used in the title tag will help you rank your website in Google or any search engine.



Meta Description is a brief summary of your website’s page that shows what your website is about. Meta Description Google Search appears below the title of your website in the search page, it is a paragraph, in meta description, you have to use two to four keywords, doing this will increase the chances of your website, quickly on the Search Engine Results page to come



When we search about anything in any search engine’s search box like service, product, or a subject, then what word we write in the search box that word is called a keyword. The keyword is the search query for the search engine and then the search engine shows the best result about the query.

Type of  Keywords:

There are two types of keywords

1)  Short-Tail Keyword:  

There is more competition in short tail keywords, and it takes too much time for the website to rank in the short tail keyword, because in the short tail keyword, you put one or two keywords in the search box (except the stop word), then search the new website, it takes more time to get to the first page of the search engine, if you have to rank the website in the short tail keyword, then you have to spend a lot of time and if you want to quickly rank, you need to upload daily good content as well as its website to be optimized according to the search engines algorithms. Content is called King in SEO, if you upload good content daily to your website, Google will index your website very quickly and start ranking quickly as soon as possible.

The advantage of using short tail keywords is that more traffic is coming to your website, and when your traffic comes, then your product, services, or business will get a great benefit

2)    Long-Tail Keyword        

There is not much competition in long tail keywords, so that your website does not take much time to rank on long tail keywords, because you use four to six words in one keyword, which increases the chances of your website to come to the search result Using of long tail keywords, your website starts to rank search engines in less time, but this also needs to be optimized according to your website search engine algorithm. The advantage of using long tail keywords is that your website will begin to rank on search engines in less time, which will bring traffic to your website.

Short Notes

How to Setup Title, Keywords and Description

Follow Steps

  • Login to Cpanel Account
  • Go to File Manager
  • Click on Public_html Folder
  • Find index.html page then press right-click and click on Edit button

   Now you entered into website coding Follow:

  • Press Ctrl+F or F3 (Search) 
  • Type in search box Title, Keyword or Description
  • Then insert your Title, Keyword and Description in the Meta Tag Section

If the meta tag is inserted by the developer in your website, then you only have to enter the title keyword and description and if not, then you have to create the meta tag in the header section.

Create Meta Tag

For Title: <title>Type here your website title</title>

For Description: <meta name=”description” content=”Type here your website description”>

For Keyword: <meta name=”keywords” content=”Type here your website keywords”>

                  The above instruction is for the coding website, and you have to put the meta tag in the header section of the website.

If your website is built in WordPress then you do not need to coding, you can download any one plugin like Yoast SEO or All-In-One SEO plugin and insert title, keyword and description in it.

Yoast Dashboard

All-In-One Dashboard