What Is Google Analytics

It is a free web analytics service offered by Google, by which we can track and generates a report of our website’s performance, traffic, traffic source, audience, conversion, about visitors and many more service

In Google Analytics, you can check the real time traffic of your website, such as where the visitor is coming from which location, coming from which device the visitor is using which data operator, what is in the visitor’s device You can get all this information from Google Analytics, using the version, the number of pages that are pausing for a long time.

Using Google Analytics, you can find out about User Experience, whether the visitor likes your website or not, how long the visitor is staying on your website, and the visitor is getting proper information in the content of your website or Not all these things you can do to make changes to your website by looking at Google Analytics and reduce the bounce rate of your website so that visitors will be stayed for long time.

Setup Google Analytics Code in website:

Step 1. 

            Visit on Google Analytics Official site. Signup with your gmail account. 

Step 2.

             After signup, give an Account name because of when you will access multiple sites from one Gmail account that time you should not be confused, so for give an account name to your website. 

Step. 3

            select any one for which you want to setup google analytics code.

if you have website then you have to select web option and if you have an application and you want to setup for that then you need to select Apps option.

or if you have both (Website and Apps) then you didn’t need to apply this process for two accounts. Simply select third option and paste this code into website and app.

Step 4.

             Website Name: Give a website name which will be shown on the Analytics dashboard. When your dashboard is open, that time you could see the name of your website on the top left-hand side, by which you can identify that which is an account open.

              URL: paste URL of your website in the URL section, which website you want to setup for analytics.

              Category: Select one category for your website, your site belongs to which category select that category.

              Country and TimeZone: Select the targeted country of your website. when you select a targeted country then it will show traffic and live users according to that countries timezone. 

Step 5.

Accept all the term and condition of Google Analytics.

Step 6: 

Now Google Analytics generated tracking ID and Code of your website, copy the analytics code and paste it’s in the header of the website.

Step 7.

         If you have a WordPress website then you will need to install a header and footer plugin or analytics plugin to place the code. after then the code you copied, paste that code in the plugin.

         And if you have a coding website then you don’t need to install any plugin, simply copy the code and paste it into the header section (<head> Paste here Analytics code </head>)


when you done all the process properly then you will see your live user in the Google Analytics.