Digital Marketing

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What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a marketing strategy for brand awareness and lead generation using the Internet. Means this is a strategy of marketing, by which we can bring our business, brand or services to the customer using the Internet.

Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing is different from traditional marketing; In digital marketing, we need internet with computers, mobile or laptop, through which we do online advertising, whereas, in traditional marketing, we can use paper, television, radio, etc. Means we used outdoor marketing tools for Advertisement.

Digital marketing does work based on target, whereas in traditional marketing it is not possible, in traditional marketing, you can not tell whether the ad you have given has reached your target audiences. For example, suppose you have a product that is of use by a woman or a man, whose age is 20-40 years and is of the use of people of this age and you have advertised your product in the paper, then what You can collect this information that the ad women you gave has only seen, or the men have seen only, or the people of the age group of 20-40 have seen the ad or the number of people you want to show the ad And in many people have you had shown aid your product? Or have you reached the people in the area you wanted to show your ad? You can not get answers to these questions in traditional marketing, but all this is possible in digital marketing.

In digital marketing, you can show the ad to the people you want to show in accordance with your business, product or services, that means you can reach your target audiences by using digital marketing, in less budget and in less time.

Why digital marketing is important for every business:

Reach: By using digital marketing, we can reach more people as well as at the place where we want to reach our business or product, we can reach using digital marketing and you can increase your business.

With digital marketing, we can easily target any area, city, state or any country. Suppose I have a local business for which I need a customer or if I want to branding of my business, then digital marketing is the best tool by which I can target my area or city. I can increase the sell of my Local Business or I have a product that I want to sell across the country or abroad, so I can sell it by using digital marketing.

Target Audience: Digital marketing is work on target based audience, you can target that person who needs your products or services. For example, suppose you have clothing business and you have 20 to 40 year old people’s clothing in your store, you can use digital marketing to target the people of the 20-40 age groups, and only these People can see the advertisement of your business. If you have any clothes for men or women in your store, then you can target any one, as well as you can target the location around your store.

Cost Effective: Digital marketing is very cheap marketing. We can increase the sale of your business by running a good ad at a low cost. Digital marketing is very cheap than traditional marketing, if you run through an ad on TV or paper of your product or services, it can prove to be very costly, and if you use digital advertising then in less time you can get your reachability to the maximum number of people, and save your money too.

Engagement: Clicks, links, shares, and comments are all called engagements, suppose you have made a product and you sold it in the market or online, you would want to know that the product I created is whether people are liking it or not, Or, if you need some changes in my product, you know how people take action on your posts if you run a campaign on Facebook or any social platform to know it. It is like how many people are clicking on your post, whether the links are coming to the post or not, and whether people are doing comments on your posts, what are you saying about your product As if you need to make changes to your product or whether people like your product or not, or they say your product is useless or not. Doing these types of activity you can get the best feedback of your product or services, these are all called Engagement.

ROI (Return of Investment): By using digital marketing and keeping all the above-mentioned processes in mind, we can generate a good ROI for any company or business and save time along with money.

Revolution in Digital Marketing

Voice Search

Digital marketing is going to change from 2019. So far you need to change the way you are working, there are going to be some changes in digital marketing since 2019 and if you do not make your website in such a way, traffic and searches may decrease on your website is there.

You need to be better because many businesses are coming online and by the way the crowd is increasing on Google since 2019, it is important to change your website, the way Google search is changing, and that change Voice Search | People will have adopted voice search by 2020, it is estimated that half of the searches on Google will be through voice search, two out of five adults are still using voice search, which means that children are not using it. , But half of all searches are going to be searched by voice, if you want to do well in 2019, then you need to take advantage of voice search so that you can make your website in such a way Examination of those top 3 came in search results is important to take care of a few things to it.

  1. HTTPS: You need to make sure that your site is HTTPS or not because if your site is HTTPS, then it helps to protect your website, as well as the user will trust your site and they Spend more time on your site
  2. Website Speed: You need to increase the speed of your website, if your website does not load quickly, then the user will go back from your site before visiting, so you have to take care of this thing as soon as the website loads, the more chances your website will come in 3
  3. Content: In digital marketing the content is called king, you have to write well content of your website and make them meaningful so that Google can be easy to read, and understand the visitor, try to have more content in your website and describe well the topic you wrote so that the user will spend more time on your website and your bounce rate will be good.
  4. Landing Page: You need to make your website’s landing page the best, the landing page plays an important role to keep the visitor on your website for a long time, along with the speed of the website, you need to make your landing page more attractive.