What Is Alt Text In SEO?

Alt text or Alt tags is an HTML attribute that is used to give an alternate name to images of the website.

About Alt Text

Alt text is used for giving an alternate name to images by which you can rank your images in the google search engine and can get organic traffic on the website.

Alt text is a part of On-Page Optimization in it you have to give a keyword as a form of an alternate name to rank the image on the search engine. This is the best practice, to give an alt name to images.

          <img src=”image.jpg” alt=”keywords” >

Here “image” is the name of an image which is given by the website developer in the jpg format, but anyone not searches this word in the search engine and this is not a valid query for the user. 

                            This means you will search for any subject or will use the name of an object in the search box, but you do not use the word image to search for anything.

So for, you have to give an alternate name to an image and in the alternate name use a keyword of your product or service.

Why Use Alt Text Tag?

This is the main thing is why you need to use keyword in the alternate name, we understand this in the below example:

Okey: <img src=”car.jpg” alt=”car” />

This alt text name is only Okey. Because here only the name of the image is car and cars can be of many types.

Good: <img src=”car.jpg” alt=”red color car with good average speed” />

This is the best practice to give an alternate name to images because you described this image very well.

Bad: <img src=”car.jpg” alt=”we want to purchase a red color car with a good average on happy occasions such as wedding and we want to carry it from one place to another place  ” />

Don’t use this type of alt name, this is not a good practice.

When we give an image to the website developer then he gives any name to that image to understand themself.

In the alternate name, use keywords because many times people search for images and they use a keyword for the search query and if you use that keyword as an alternate name of image so the chances will be increased of display the image of your website on the search engine.

Benefit Of Alt Text

  • Alt text helps to increase the ranking of your website images, when you give the name to an image as a form of alt text then google’s crawler, crawl the image and give the ranking on that keyword which has given by you to that particular image.
  • When your website image rank on google or another search engine then the will be an increase in website traffic. This means that when anyone will search images on google and if your website’s image will be ranking on google so the user can click on your image and can be redirected on your website.

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